Everyone on our team works hard, demonstrates honesty, integrity and pride in their work, and maintains a good sense of humor and readiness to do what it takes to get the job done right.

committed to excellence

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Our team

Joseph Foster

Founder & Owner

Daniel Foster

General Manager

John Foster

Certified Technician

Thomas Jones

Certified Technician

Tommy Foster

Certified Technician

Keith Johanes

Certified Technician

John Creo

John’s home improvement career started on the distribution side of the profession. “Great place to start as I learned everything about the products.” Very early on, John knew he wanted to be a contractor. One of the things he quickly saw was just how poor the customer care aspect of the business was being handled. Customer care is the cornerstone for any successful business and with that, I launched Creo Construction and never looked back. That was over 20 years ago. When John’s not working he keeps his life pretty simple. He enjoys playing with his dogs Jake and Lilly, and spending time with his wife Kim and son’s, both of whom are involved in the business, Andrew and Ryan.  

Mike Crowell

Operations Manager

Mike worked in the building supply industry for 15 years before coming to Creo Construction.  At the supply house Mike worked his way up from a warehouseman and driver  to managing the most successful branch in the company.   Along the way John Creo was a customer and became a friend.  There was no other company Mike would have left a successful career behind except for Creo Construction.  Mike handles the job scheduling, day to day operations, as well as sales and design. Besides work, Mike enjoys weekends golfing and spending time with his wife Jackie and their two cats.

Joe Hydro

Sales / Design Specialist

Joe Hydro has joined the Creo family in 2022.   Joe started his working life building custom jewelry/engagement rings and retail leasing specialist in commercial real estate. Joe built his current home with his father who has been in the building supply industry for over 35 years. 
With an extensive background in business management, finance, and design Joe has aspirations of creating a unique design experience for all his customers he helps.  If you are looking assistance in new trends and styles for your home Joe is your guy!!


Project Manager

Andrew has been with Creo Construction since 2019. Andrew went to school at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston for architecture. Using the skills he learned in school he transitioned from drawing to installing. His days are spent working closely with our crews and homeowners to make their dreams become a reality. He assures that everything is done to Creo Constructions high standards and that the individual needs of our customers are met.

When not at work, Andrew can be found spending time on the golf course, on his motorcycle, or making some elaborate dinner. 


Project Manager

Ryan’s passion for construction began while he was in high school. During the summers, he worked for the family business learning from the ground up. Since then, working for Creo Construction has become his career choice. He takes pride in his work and feels a great sense of accomplishment when customers are satisfied with the quality of his work and service.

When Ryan isn’t working he’s riding his motorcycles with his brother. During the winter he enjoys snowboarding and exploring ski resorts across the country.

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