The Perfect Siding For Your Morris County Home

The Perfect Siding For Your Morris County Home
When it comes to buying siding for your Morris County home, it’s a process–  just like any other big home purchase. And with that big home purchase, you want to ensure it’s one that will last, hopefully a life-time.

I don’t like to see my customers lose value in their homes, so I’d like to go over some of the best siding options available in today’s market. Believe it or not, there are siding options that don’t require a ton of maintenance and upkeep. How ‘bout that?!

But, before we jump in, first let me cover a common pain-point I often hear from my customers.

Common Pain-Points Exposed

The main problem I see homeowners struggle with is that they’re not educated about siding. They don’t know where to begin when every trying to educate themselves. And, most homeowners know they want the best products available — with minimal maintenance, but don’t know exactly what to look or ask for.

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For that reason, I encourage you to ask your contractor the right questions, and be open minded about budgeting a little more money upfront, to avoid annoying maintenance costs and replacements, down the road.

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to paint their siding every five years. And with the right siding, that problem disappears.

Now, you may have a general idea of what you want, because you’ve either seen an ad or you decided to go with the majority of what you’ve had in the past, or whatever siding your neighborhood has.

And, of course, keeping in mind that most HOA’s have a strict set of rules and guidelines as to what changes you you can and cannot make to the look of your home.

So, what exactly constitutes high-quality siding? I’m glad you asked.


Creo Construction Morris County siding

I’ve been in the construction industry for almost 30 years and I’ve seen and done my fair share of siding projects. After many years of trial and error, I’ve found that PVC materials are the best bang for your buck; especially when it comes to siding or ornamental trim for your home.

Why? Let’s go over a few of the benefits of PVC siding.

  • Wood like features – PVC resembles wood, but with the cellular material it possesses, it will not rot or need to be painted for protection.
  • Moisture protection – you won’t have to worry about those pesky little critters eating away this siding. Also, impervious to moisture.
  • 25 year warranty – say hello to no maintenance! Peace of mind is priceless.
  • Weather tough – Mother Nature is know to give us nasty winter weather here on the East coast so you’ll enjoy the toughness this siding has. AZTEK Siding will maintain a “like new” appearance.

Dilapidated siding

Ready to Have Some Fun?

Now that you’re an esteemed pro at picking out siding for your home, let’s get together and fix that old, dilapidated, paint-rotting siding, and make your home look spectacular again.

Let’s get the job done right!

John Creo

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