HardiePlank – It’s # 1 for a Reason!

HardiePlank – It’s # 1 for a Reason!

It’s a sanctuary you look forward to visiting each year. You’ve worked hard for it and enjoy keeping it in great shape. You’ve created many memories there and look forward to creating many more.

This… is your vacation home.

Managing the upkeep on your year-round home creates enough work as it is, you don’t want to worry about your vacation home, too. So how do you enjoy peace of mind knowing your sanctuary is well-protected?

Protection From all the Elements

Beach House
With so many siding companies to choose from, how do you know which one is the right one? As a vacation-home owner, you should be looking for performance and long-lasting durability.

We know just the siding you need! HardiePlank siding is built to weather the most extreme climates. Mother Nature can bring her worst, but HardiePlank siding stands up to the test.

Their siding is made of a combination of cellulose fibers and cement-like materials. These two materials working together, bring you a power-house protection!

It’s also a popular choice with our clients due to its wood-like appearance and having the strength of cement. It boasts the quality of being 100% fire resistance! How great is that?

Now, of course, no siding is actually fireproof, but withholding fire to an extent is a great selling point.

Since many homes are furnished with wood siding, insects and termites find it a perfect breeding ground. However, HardiePlank siding doesn’t have enough cellulose fiber to be of interest to them. Another “win!”

Wind, rain, sleet, and snow have battled HardiePlank siding for years and have all lost. There’s nothing like having your sanctuary protected from all the elements like HardiPlank does.

To offer more peace of mind, homeowners can enjoy a 50 year warranty with HardiePlank siding, too. The perks just keep coming!

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