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The Perfect Siding For Your Morris County Home

The Perfect Siding For Your Morris County Home
When it comes to buying siding for your Morris County home, it’s a process–  just like any other big home purchase. And with that big home purchase, you want to ensure it’s one that will last, hopefully a life-time.

I don’t like to see my customers lose value in their homes, so I’d like to go over some of the best siding options available in today’s market. Believe it or not, there are siding options that don’t require a ton of maintenance and upkeep. How ‘bout that?!

But, before we jump in, first let me cover a common pain-point I often hear from my customers.

Common Pain-Points Exposed

The main problem I see homeowners struggle with is that they’re not educated about siding. They don’t know where to begin when every trying to educate themselves. And, most homeowners know they want the best products available — with minimal maintenance, but don’t know exactly what to look or ask for.

New Call-to-action

For that reason, I encourage you to ask your contractor the right questions, and be open minded about budgeting a little more money upfront, to avoid annoying maintenance costs and replacements, down the road.

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to paint their siding every five years. And with the right siding, that problem disappears.

Now, you may have a general idea of what you want, because you’ve either seen an ad or you decided to go with the majority of what you’ve had in the past, or whatever siding your neighborhood has.

And, of course, keeping in mind that most HOA’s have a strict set of rules and guidelines as to what changes you you can and cannot make to the look of your home.

So, what exactly constitutes high-quality siding? I’m glad you asked.


Creo Construction Morris County siding

I’ve been in the construction industry for almost 30 years and I’ve seen and done my fair share of siding projects. After many years of trial and error, I’ve found that PVC materials are the best bang for your buck; especially when it comes to siding or ornamental trim for your home.

Why? Let’s go over a few of the benefits of PVC siding.

  • Wood like features – PVC resembles wood, but with the cellular material it possesses, it will not rot or need to be painted for protection.
  • Moisture protection – you won’t have to worry about those pesky little critters eating away this siding. Also, impervious to moisture.
  • 25 year warranty – say hello to no maintenance! Peace of mind is priceless.
  • Weather tough – Mother Nature is know to give us nasty winter weather here on the East coast so you’ll enjoy the toughness this siding has. AZTEK Siding will maintain a “like new” appearance.

Dilapidated siding

Ready to Have Some Fun?

Now that you’re an esteemed pro at picking out siding for your home, let’s get together and fix that old, dilapidated, paint-rotting siding, and make your home look spectacular again.

Let’s get the job done right!

John Creo

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Helping Hands Bring Communities Together

Helping Hands Bring Communities Together

Happy volunteer family putting their hands together on a sunny dIt can happen to anyone, even kids…  and it has affected most of us in one way or another.

It seems these days everyone knows someone — whether it be a family member, a friend, a coworker, or a neighbor, who has been affected by cancer.

And, if it wasn’t for our very own Sam Courtright, today’s story would not have taken shape. For it was Sam who met with Mary Alice and Rich Shiller of Randolph, about new windows and siding. But, Mary Alice and Rich were more concerned about helping their deserving neighbors.

The Shiller’s shared a story about their neighbor’s daughter, Paige who has battled Leukemia since 2012.

We learned the families’s roof had been leaking and the family was suffering financial and emotional hardships, dealing with the cancer treatments.

It was then that everyone felt compelled to help this family in need. It’s simply about doing the right thing and helping others.

So we got busy! We wanted to provide this humble family with a new, safe, and secure roof; and that’s exactly what we did.

New Call-to-action

Living in such a close-knit community allowed us to reach out to other business owners and ask them to join us in helping this great family. We were fortunate to have one of our roofing material distributors from Chatham, Myles Kelly to join forces with us.

Mr. Kelly donated all the building materials we needed to complete the entire project.

As the project came together, we also found some of the interior walls were damaged; that’s when general contractor, John Keane stepped in and repaired the walls at no charge.

I love when local companies can come together for a greater purpose to help others. That’s what it’s really all about.

In the end, the project came together better than we could have anticipated! I always say, “good things happen to good people.”  

More of the Same

At Creo Construction, we believe helping our fellow Morris County neighbors is what it’s all about.

The fact is, we all need help from time-to-time; by coming together as a community it forms a bond that allows us to work together for the greater good.

The best news out of this entire story is Paige, the teen battling Leukemia, is officially in remission.

Let us know your story, and let me see how we can help.

Let’s get the job done right!
John Creo

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Why I Love Being A Contractor in Morris County, NJ

Why I Love Being A Contractor in Morris County, NJ

Victorian HomeThere’s a few reasons why I chose to be a contractor in Morris County, New Jersey. It has everything… open spaces, wooded areas, historical homes, and modern city conveniences. Now based in Chester, NJ, I’ve been a contractor here for thirty years and I plan to stick around for a long while.

One of the great perks of being a contractor in Morris County is having the opportunity to enhance some of the fantastic architectural and historic homes here. Many of which are the 1920’s Victorian style “gingerbread” homes that have lots of ornamental decorations you don’t see anymore.

We can talk all about work another time, but today we are talking about why Morris County is a really fun place to play.

Bike, Eat, Shop, Repeat

One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon is walking the dogs along Patriots Path. There are miles and miles of single track trails for mountain bikers, trail runners and hikers. The path links all the county parks together and runs along the Whippany, Black, and Raritan rivers; which happens to be the most pristine trout producing streams in the entire state.

If I were forced to choose, I’d have to say the downtown Chester area is my favorite. There’s always something going on around there: quaint shops and craft fairs and food… lots of food. Everything you can image from the Thai Kitchen to The Publick House, Tavern and Inn. I’ve also heard Redwood’s Grill & bar is pretty great!

In fact, the Chester, New Jersey Farmer’s Market is one great way to see and taste all the goodness Morris County has to offer.

In case you’ve never been, the Chester Farmer’s Market is located on Perry Street in the Chester Historic District, and it runs every Sunday between 10am and 3pm (during the summer months.) If you happen to see me there, be sure to stop and say hello!

Chester is full of history too, Chester, New Jersey was once known as “Black River” until January 29th, 1770 when residents were granted a request to create their own township; which is now known as Chester.

It was also the backbone of the fast-moving mining boom during the Civil War, but later returned to farming of sheep, dairy and fruits and vegetables.

Doing Our Homework

I consider it an honor to be able to work on these homes for as long as I have. I love living and working in Morris County, New Jersey. It’s always a pleasure to help our local homeowners by helping them achieve their dream home goals.

Let’s get the job done right!
John Creo

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Make Yourself at Home in Morris County, New Jersey

Make Yourself at Home in Morris County, New Jersey


Morris County, NJ has been the home of Creo Construction for the past 25 years. We love living and working here; so we thought we’d do something a little different with this blog.

We have such a great community here and there’s always so much to do and see during the summer months! We’ve found five fun, family friendly things to do this July and hope you get the chance to take advantage of all that Morris County has to offer.

Out and About in July

July 3rd, 2015 starting at 5pm, the First Friday Late Night in Boonton Main Street are hosting a Pizza Throwdown. You get to vote for the best pizza on Main Street. Plus, when you wear your patriotic red, white, and blue, you’ll receive discounts! Pizza and patriotism is a delicious combination.

July 5, 2015 the Lonely Heartstrings Band is kicking off the Summer Concerts on the Garden series at the Macculloch Hall Gardens. Bring a picnic blanket or chairs. General Admission tickets cost $15. Seniors, students, military, and members tickets are just $10.

Lasermania is happening on July 9, 2015 at the Morris Museum. Showtimes begin at 11am and 1:30pm. General admission tickets are $12, member tickets are $10. A laser light show extravaganza for the whole family!

The Blueberry Festival at Alstede Farms should not be missed! Mark your calendars for July 11th, 12th or July 18th and 19th. Scenic hayrides, corn mazes, pony or tractor rides, and of course, more blueberries than you can imagine. Come ready to pick your own blueberries or purchase homemade treats. We might be biased, but New Jersey blueberries are the best!

The Yates Musical Theatre is performing the children’s classic, Cinderella, on July 30th, 2015 at the Morris Museum. The show starts at 11am. If you have a little princess of your own at home, this is sure to make her summer extra magical.

Blueberries, Music, Pizza, Theatre, and Lasers – Yes Please!

No matter what your summer plans are, we hope you have a safe and fun summer, exploring all that Morris County, NJ has to offer.

It is always a pleasure running into our customers while wandering around town. If you see us around, make sure you stop and say hello!

Let’s get the job done right!

John Creo

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HardiePlank – It’s # 1 for a Reason!

HardiePlank – It’s # 1 for a Reason!

It’s a sanctuary you look forward to visiting each year. You’ve worked hard for it and enjoy keeping it in great shape. You’ve created many memories there and look forward to creating many more.

This… is your vacation home.

Managing the upkeep on your year-round home creates enough work as it is, you don’t want to worry about your vacation home, too. So how do you enjoy peace of mind knowing your sanctuary is well-protected?

Protection From all the Elements

Beach House
With so many siding companies to choose from, how do you know which one is the right one? As a vacation-home owner, you should be looking for performance and long-lasting durability.

We know just the siding you need! HardiePlank siding is built to weather the most extreme climates. Mother Nature can bring her worst, but HardiePlank siding stands up to the test.

Their siding is made of a combination of cellulose fibers and cement-like materials. These two materials working together, bring you a power-house protection!

It’s also a popular choice with our clients due to its wood-like appearance and having the strength of cement. It boasts the quality of being 100% fire resistance! How great is that?

Now, of course, no siding is actually fireproof, but withholding fire to an extent is a great selling point.

Since many homes are furnished with wood siding, insects and termites find it a perfect breeding ground. However, HardiePlank siding doesn’t have enough cellulose fiber to be of interest to them. Another “win!”

Wind, rain, sleet, and snow have battled HardiePlank siding for years and have all lost. There’s nothing like having your sanctuary protected from all the elements like HardiPlank does.

To offer more peace of mind, homeowners can enjoy a 50 year warranty with HardiePlank siding, too. The perks just keep coming!

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